Monday, March 27, 2006

McDonald's - Burwood - American Cuisine

Store Name: Burwood
Postcode: 3125
Address: Corner of Burwood Highway & Scott Grove
Phone Number: (03) 9808 2235
Price Range: $5 - $8 for a meal, another $3 for dessert


When I entered this McDonald's restaurant, I was immediately amazed at how much it had changed since my days as a university student down the road. In those days (nearly ten years ago now), I used to frequent this fine dining establishment a lot. In fact, the money I provided them with in exchange for goods and services could very well have bought a new car. But I digress.

The layout of the store was new - there was an island for straws, napkins, bins and a tray recepticle behind the queueing area, the seating area had changed, and the entrance out to the kids' playground equipment was different. It was certainly very clean and had not a trace of the many pickles that I had witnessed being thrown on the ceiling (around the corner, out of view of the counter staff) back in my younger days.

The service was speedy and I reached the front of the queue in no time. The young girl who served me had an efficient air about her, and delivered my meal with a minimum of fuss.

My burger was fresh, well-cooked and correct to my specifications. The fries were hot and delicious. The Coke was cold and not over-filled with ice.

Afterwards, as I sat alone and read the paper / reflected on old times with friends gone by, my tray was collected by a smiling young female employee who was happy to clean the table around me as I sat. She was pleasant and respectful of my space and solitude.

I spent a good ten minutes watching people in the restaurant (I was in no particular hurry on the day), and enjoyed a leisurely walk back out to my car in the sunshine.

Life is good, I reflected. Then I drove home and had a pizza for dinner.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, plus an extra star for the fond memories.

Stars: ****